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What is Bio-Strath?

Bio-Strath is a well researched Swiss herbal nutritional supplement that provides 61 of the 100 different nutrients our bodies require daily, in a perfect form.


Has it been researched?

Yes, 36 clinical & pre-clinical studies on Bio-Strath have been done in the areas of pregnancy, children with poor immune systems or learning problems, athletes, people recuperating after operations or spending a long time on a sickbed, for cancer patients who receive chemotherapy and radiation, as well as for older persons with memory problems.


Bio-Strath, 100% natural and bio-available nourishment for cells

Bio-Strath works in two ways. Firstly it provides the body with 61 different nutrients, from 11 vitamins, 18 amino-acids, 19 minerals and trace elements to 13 building substances. Building substances are nutrients like lecithin, glucan, mannan, glutathione, DNA, RNA, ATP, L-carnitine and Co-enzymes – nutrients that our cells require ahead of vitamins, minerals and aminoacids. They literally build healthy new cells in the body. These building substances also help to bring order to brain cells which is why so many clinical studies have proven that Bio-Strath is excellent for mental functioning in young and old.

Secondly, Bio-Strath also helps to bring about order and balance in the body. The beauty of the product is the fact that it is 100% natural and that your body can absorb the nutrients. Bio-Strath is also special in that no chemicals are added to it, neither during production nor its bottling.

How is Bio-Strath produced?

Bio-Strath is produced over a two month period by feeding ‘friendly’ yeast cells with a mixture of herbs. More than 400 different yeast types are thought to exist on earth, 100 of which are pathogenic and 300 of which are good. Bio-Strath is made from Saccharomyces Cerevisiae MEYEN, a ‘good’ yeast harvested from fresh fruit. The herbs in Bio-Strath were specifically chosen by Dr. Walter Strathmeyer, the bio-chemist who formulated the supplement, to serve each organ and body system. After absorbing all these herbs, the yeast is fermented by removing the oxygen in order for osmosis to take place. This means that the yeast cell membrane breaks open and nutrients are released. This process is of cardinal importance for the body’s ability to absorb the yeast as it cannot digest the cell membrane.


Where did it all begin?

Bio-Strath was formulated over 50 years ago in Switzerland by a bio-chemist, Dr Walter Strathmeyer. He understood the body’s need for a bio-available food supplement and after much research and development, finally perfected what we know as Bio-Strath. In 1961 Fred Pestalozzi founded the company Bio-Strath AG in Switzerland. Since then Bio-Strath has been manufactured in the production plant in Herrliberg, overlooking Lake Zurich under strict pharmaceutical GMP and international PIC/S compliance regulations.



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