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The medicament immune response modifier Canova® is a homeopathic product, developed from components that figure in the most important international Homeopathic Pharmacopeias, such as the Brazilian, French, American, German, Mexican, among others.
The preparation methodology of the formulation is a process which is patented by the company, as well as the trademark, which is registered and property of Canova do Brasil.
immune response modifier Canova induces the organism to use its own resources, mobilizing the natural defenses of the weakened body. The medicament is presented in drops, inhalant and single-unit doses.
Canova is an homeopathic medicament obtained from an adding sequel of Aconitum napellus + associations, and all the components of the formulation are important homeopathic elements, used in several acute and chronic syndromes, but, together, they seem to create a noticeable and meaningful synergetic effect, that is, the group effect of the components is much bigger then the effect of each one individually.
From the beginning of the adding sequel of the formula components, there is a mixture in different proportions and times, starting the final process in decimal scale, in a process registered as intellectual property of Canova do Brasil Ltd.
This medicament is a form of immune response modifier therapy, directed to specific cells called macrophages, which contribute to the immune response. These cells, under the action of Canova, decrease the production and release of the cytokine TNFα.
The clinical-pharmacological approach, differently from the conventional allopathic one, makes this medicament indicated to pathologies where the individual is immune depressed, since its homeopathic formulation, highly diluted, do not have any side effects in patients that use it.

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