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What is KeenMind?

Product description:

KeenMind® (CDRI 08) has been shown in clinical trials to improve mental performance in adults and children. KeenMind improves memory and recall, clear thinking, concentration, focus and mental calmness. KeenMind may also assist learning in hyperactive children.

KeenMind contains a specific extract of bacopa (Bacopa monnieri). Medicinal use of bacopa dates back to 3000 B.C. and is well documented in classical treatises of the traditional Indian Ayurvedic Medicine. The KeenMind extract CDRI 08 is a unique extract of Bacopa monnieri which has been meticulously researched and developed for over 30 years by the Indian government’s Central Drug Research Institute and further studied in three Australian clinical trials which have confirmed it improves cognitive processes like memory and speed of information processing. KeenMind capsules are made in Australia with the extract supplied under exclusive licence by Lumen/CDRI, India.

KeenMind capsules has been shown in clinical trials to:

  • Enhance retention of new information
  • Improve learning rate and memory
  • Have a pronounced radical scavenging (anti-oxidant) effect
  • Enhance nerve impulse transmission
  • Have the potential to assist learning in hyperactive children
  • Have adaptogenic effects


What is KeenMind used for?

Product used for:

KeenMind can help people of many ages improve their mental performance.

KeenMind is suitable for children over 7 years and preliminary testing has shown the potential to assist learning in hyperactive children. Together with its safety profile, this makes KeenMind an attractive choice as a first line option for hyperactive children.

KeenMind is ideal for:

  • Children and students – to facilitate learning
  • Professionals and people with high demand careers
  • Mature and elderly people – to reduce age-related decline in mental performance


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