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The Optium Xceed  Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System is designed for easy and stress-free testing. Intuitive setup and simple icon-driven menus minimize the hassle from blood glucose monitoring. In addition, the Optium Xceed meter is the only leading system in the market with the technology to test blood glucose and ketone in the same meter and test strips.

With technology trusted by hospitals worldwide1, Optium Xceed can also test for blood ketones and assist in sick day management.


• Foil wrapped strips to minimise risk of contamination and convenient to store and carry.
• Starts test only when enough blood has been applied to minimise result errors and reduce strip wastage.
• No interference with non-glucose sugars to help minimise result errors2.
• Top fill or end fill test strips for easy sample application and visual confirmation.
• A second drop of blood can be applied within 5 seconds if initial drop size is too small, to reduce strip wastage.
• Ability to test for both blood glucose and blood ketones and assist in sick day management.
• AST (Alternate Site Testing) to test on areas other than your fingertip* 
• Small blood sample required – 0.6uL3.
• Test time 5 seconds for quick results.
• Backlight to assist in low light testing.
• Large screen for clear and easy to read results.
• Icon driven menu makes it easy to view results with scrolling options.
• Displayed averages of 7, 14 and 30 days. 
• Large memory of 450 results.



• Easy Touch Lancing Device
• Thin Lancets
• Carrying Case 
• User’s Manual
• Logbook

How to Use

Use only with Optium Blood Glucose test strips and Optium Blood ß-Ketone test strips.

(1) Wash hands with soap and water and dry thoroughly.
(2) Insert test strip into meter.
(3) A test strip and flashing drop of blood will appear on the screen.
(4) Lance your finger and apply a small drop of blood to the end of your test strip.
(5) The meter will beep once when enough blood has been applied and a countdown will begin.
(6) A result will appear with the time and date on the bottom of the screen.
(7) You can scroll with the left or right arrow keys to see all your test results.

For more information on how to use your Optium Xceed meter please refer to the Optium Xceed User’s Manual.

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