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FUTURELIFE® Crunch is a delicious muesli like cereal, made by combining the nutritional power of FUTURELIFE® Smart Food (powder) with the crunchiness of baked rolled oats and puffed rice. It is a favorite healthy breakfast choice

7 Reasons why FutureLife Crunch is Smart:

1. FutureLife Crunch has been scientifically formulated to be high in energy, protein and dietary fibre, low in sodium and with an intermediate GI. It also contains 24 vitamins and minerals, inulin, omega 3 and Moducare.

2. FutureLife Crunch contains Moducare, a daily immune modulator made from a patented ratio of natural plant sterols and sterolins which has been clinically tested and shown trhough research to support a healthy immune system balance.

3.FutureLife Crunch is convenient and can be enjoyed in a number of ways, have it as a breakfast cereal, eat it as a snack or use it as a base for baking.

4. FutureLife Crunch stays fresh withouth preservatives using state of the art specialist packaging equipment.

5. FutureLife Crunch has a unique fingerprint due to the unique patented way in which FutureLife Crunch is manufactured that bring out the best nutritional ingredients.

6. FutureLife Crunch contains 55 nutrients including 19 amino acids, 11 minerals and 13 vitamins as well as protein, lecithin, inulin, omega 3 and 6, simple and complex carbohydrates, 3 types of fat and Moducare.

7. FutureLife Crunch is for everyone over the age of one year.

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