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PregOmega is suitable for use before, during and after pregnancy.

PregOmega contains:
Folic Acid, B-complex vitamins, iron and other essential vitamins and minerals to ensure the healthy development of your baby and provide you with energy!

Concentrated pharmaceutical grade omega 3 fish oil, rich in DHA and EPA, are important for the development of your baby’s brain and eyes,
as well as supplementing the essential fatty acids in your brain.


PregOmega is:

• Hygienically Blister packed

• Puremax Compliant

• Suitable for use by vegetarians (but not vegans
  because even though the omega 3 capsules are vegicaps,
  it does contain fish oil)

• The fish oil is masked with lemon oil to prevent reflux

• Lactose, Sucrose, Gluten and Tartrazine free

• Manufactured in Medicines Control Council (MCC)
  approved factories that comply with Good
  Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

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