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Choose HeartChoiceâ„¢ Energiser with CoQ10 The most important muscle in your body is actually the one you can’t see – your heart. The heart muscle uses more energy than any other organ in our bodies. CoQ10, an antioxidant found naturally in the body, is vital for optimal cardiovascular health and energy production, especially for people who lead active lifestyles. Simply explained, CoQ10 acts like a spark plug in the energy producing cells of the body. Unfortunately, the body’s ability to produce CoQ10 declines with age. Chronic disease, excessive exercise and taking various medications like cholesterol lowering medication and hormone replacement therapy could also lower our CoQ10 levels. 

Without adequate CoQ10, energy production declines and your cells can’t function properly. This can affect many different parts of your body, but particularly the organs that work the hardest, such as your heart, muscles, liver, kidneys and brain. Logically, individuals that use a large amount of energy by exercising will need more CoQ10 in order to produce that energy. CoQ10 also supports the body’s post-exercise recovery and helps protect against the free radical activity sometimes generated by aerobic exercise. 

HeartChoiceâ„¢ Energiser is a unique combination of 150mg CoQ10 and 150 mg alpha lipoic acid, assisting with stamina, endurance and post-exercise recovery. HeartChoiceâ„¢ Energiser helps give you optimal energy and supports cardiovascular health, so you can keep up your active lifestyle. 

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