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Holistix Nutritional shake is a high protein, low fat, high performance meal powder which has added vitamins, minerals and antioxidants at an average of 125% of RDA (recommended daily allowance) per serving. It’s a healthy meal replacement shake designed to deliver the perfect balance of nutrients you need for a healthy meal substitute. Nutrition to help stay healthy, active and energetic.

Protein 21g 
Carbohydrate 21g 
Fat 1g 
Energy 747kj … 

Vitamin A 2688 IU 
Vitamin D 400IU 
Vitamin E 5 mg 
Vitamin B1 4mg 
Vitamin B2 4mg 
Vitamin B3 13mg 
Vitamin B6 6mg 
Vitamin B12 10mcg 
Vitamin C 90mg 
Biotin 153mcg 
Folic Acid 180mcg 
Inositol 13mg 
Pantothenic Acid 13mg 
Calcium 403mg 
Iron 4mg 
Magnesium 123mg 
Manganese 2mcg 
Phosphorous 300mg 
Potassium 188mg 
Sodium 466mg 
Zinc 3mg …… 

Alanine 910mg 
Arginine 978mg 
Aspartic Acid 2206mg 
Cystine/ Cysteine 432mg 
Glutamic Acid 3276mg 
Glutamine 616mg 
Glycine 508mg 
Histidine 482mg 
Isoleucine 1242mg 
Leucine 2033mg 
Lysine 1740mg 
Methionine 386mg 
Phenylalanine 914mg
Proline 970mg 
Serine 1076mg 
Threonine 1170mg
Tryptophan 334mg 
Tyrosine 722mg 
Valine 1005mg

Suggested Usage:Adults – 50g (2 level scoops) mixed with 300ml of water or skim milk. Shake well. Children (under 12) – 25g (1 level scoops) mixed with 200ml of water or skim milk. Shake well.

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