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Introducing the Lansinoh® Affinity® Double Electric Breast Pump – The pump that’s easy to use, kind on your wallet and gentle on your breasts. Featuring our ComfortFitâ„¢ Breast Flanges for a soft, secure fit and our Custom Expressionâ„¢ Technology for maximum milk flow, the Affinity® is one of the most advanced and affordable breast pumps available, brought to you by the #1 brand in breastfeeding. 



Why do you have a special cushion on your breast flanges?

In order to make a mom’s pumping experience as comfortable as possible, we added the special rubber outer rims to the breastflange called ComfortFitâ„¢ Cushion.  These special outer edges ensure a mom has a good seal which aids in the suction. 

Can I return to the let-down or stimulation phase once I am in the expression phase?

Yes, if you achieve let-down prior to the 2 minute automatic switchover, you can push the let-down button and you will go into the expression phase. If you wish to return to the faster let-down phase during a pumping session to elicit another let-down, you can switch back into the let-down phase by pushing the let-down button again.  

What cycle and suction settings will the pump go to once the let-down phase has ended (after 2 minutes)?

The let-down phase lasts two minutes. A mom can go into the expression phase before the two-minutes is up by pushing the let-down button or she can await an automatic switchover at the 2 minute mark. Once the pump has switched from the let-down phase to the expression phase, the pump will be at the following settings:

Cycle setting: level 3

Suction setting: level 5

A mom can adjust to her comfort level by pushing the + button to increase either speed or suction or pushing the – button to decrease the speed or suction.

Can I use a microwave steam bag to clean and sterilize the pump parts? Are parts dishwasher safe? 

*Please Note: Tubing should never be washed or sterilized*

All parts can be steam-sterilized in a microwave bag except the tubing which never needs to be cleaned or sterilized because it does not come into contact with breastmilk. You can also use boiling water to sterilize as well.  All parts are dishwasher safe though we highly recommend gently hand washing the white valves as they are delicate and can affect the performance of the pump if damaged or torn with vigorous washing or harsh detergents.

Please be sure to use the appropriate amount of water according to the directions on your steam sterilizer to ensure that parts do not get overheated and/or melt.

Please note that all pump parts must be completely dry prior to use or performance may be affected. 

What materials do you use in the Lansinoh® Affinity® Double Electric Breast Pump? 

The plastic pump parts are made of polypropylene plastic which is BPA and Phthalate free. Specific components are listed below:


Components Material
Components Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
Breast Flange Body Polypropylene
Breast Flange Custom Cushion Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
Diaphragm Silicone
Diaphragm Cap Polypropylene
Silicone Silicone
Tubing Connector Polypropylene
Storage Bottle Polypropylene
Storage Bottle Ring Polypropylene
Storage Bottle Sealing Disc Polypropylene
Velcro Nylon
Base Body & Battery Door ABS
Keypad Silicone
Base body clear inlay Acrylic
Feet Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)


Can I use other pump brand replacement parts with the Lansinoh® Affinity® Double Electric Breast Pump?

We do not recommend using another pump’s replacement parts (including the first generation Lansinoh® Double Electric Pump) with the Lansinoh® Affinity® Double Electric Breast Pump as the components of our pump were made specifically for our pump. Also, using other pump’s parts with our pump would void your warranty.

Can I use batteries with the Lansinoh® Affinity® Double Electric Breast Pump?

The Lansinoh® Affinity® Double Electric Breast Pump can work with either the AC Adaptor (included) or with 6 AA batteries (not included).  

You can use either alkaline, standard (carbon-zinc) or rechargeable batteries, but do not mix alkaline, standard or rechargeable batteries. 

Do not mix old and new batteries; replace as a simultaneous set.

If batteries are in the pump, but your AC adaptor is in use, the pump will use the AC adaptor to power the pump.  For the most economical use, we recommend using the pump with the AC adaptor that has been provided with the pump.  

How many times does the Lansinoh® Affinity® Double Electric Breast Pump cycle?

The Lansinoh® Affinity® Double Electric Breast Pump cycles 30-60 times per minute.

There are 6 cycle settings.

What is the suction range of the Lansinoh® Affinity® Double Electric Breast Pump?

The Lansinoh Double Electric Breast Pump ranges from 50-250 mm HG in 1 second. 

There are 8 suction settings. 

Can I pump directly into the Lansinoh® Breastmilk Storage Bags? Why not?

Unfortunately, you cannot pump directly into the Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags because they have a double zipper closure and therefore, will not fit securely on the pump.  

How can Lansinoh guarantee milk from backing up into the tubing? What is the importance of this feature?

Using a specially-designed diaphragm and diaphragm cap, our pump is guaranteed to prevent milk from backing up into the tubing and into the motor unit. This is important from a hygienic perspective (condensation and/or milk in tubing can mold and breed bacteria) and from a perspective of understanding how important every drop of your milk is to you and your breastfed baby.

Is the Lansinoh® Affinity® Double Electric Breast Pump powerful enough for daily use like for a working mom?

The Lansinoh® Affinity® Double Electric Breast Pump has been designed for occasional and/or daily use and it is certainly powerful enough for a working mom or a mom who will be apart from her baby for regular intervals.  As with other retail pumps, it is to maintain an already established milk supply.

How do I know when to stop pumping?

The stream of milk will begin to slow or stop and/or your breasts will feel softer and less full. A breast is never truly “empty” but it will be apparent with these clues that you can stop pumping.

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