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Supplies nutrients and essential vitamins and minerals to support mothers and their babies during pregnancy and after birth.

The challenge of pregnancy

If you have been pregnant before, you will know that pregnancy presents would-be mothers with very particular challenges. 
Some of these challenges – like morning sickness, constipation and heart burn – are pretty obvious. Others are not. You might, for example, not be so aware of the fact that your organs, muscles and bones do come under a lot of pressure as your pregnancy progresses.

To enable your body to cope with your pregnant state, it is imperative to get sufficient nutritional support from the food that you consume. However, eating regular and balanced meals is sometimes easier said than done. And there is off course another side to it – the nutritional needs of the baby.

For babies to develop optimally during pregnancy they need the right nutrients. After birth, breast milk becomes the main source of nutrients, that are supplied through the consumption of breast milk. So it is very important that mothers get the nutritional support to allow babies to develop optimally before birth, as well as to ensure a big enough supply of high quality mother’s milk after birth. 
Mom2B supplies nutrients and essential vitamins and minerals to support mothers and their babies during pregnancy and after birth.

Mom2B Pregnancy Supplement contains essential vitamins and minerals for expecting and lactating mothers. You can take it before and during pregnancy, as well as after birth (when you are breastfeeding).

Mom2B Pregnancy Supplement supports:
• The countering of nausea (Ginger)
• Bone health (Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D, Boron)
• The countering of cramps (Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium
• Detoxification (Molybdenum)
• Immune reaction (Vitamins, A, C and E)
• Anti-viral activity (Zinc and Selenium)
• Blood production (Iron, Zinc, PABA)
• Blood sugar levels and DNA and RNA protection (Chromium)
• Foetal development (Zinc, Folic Acid, Iodide, Vitamin B12)
• Brain and nervous system function (Choline and Inositol)
• Cell membrane formation and maintenance (Choline and Inositol)
• Fat metabolism (Choline and Inositol)

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