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Mypaid capsules are indicated for the relief on and headache from musculo-skeletal origin , feverishness, muscular menstural and dental pain


Mypaid is not recommended fro use by pregnant or breast feeding woman. It should not be given to patients with asthma or bronchospasm, bleeding disorders, cardiovascular disease, peptic ulceration or a history or such ulceration, rental failure and in those who are recieving coumarin anti-coagulants.Severe liver function impairment. Patients who are sensitive to any f the ingredients or aspirin should not be given Mypaid

Warnings :

Patients suffering from liver or kidney disease should only take paracetamol under medical surpervision. dosages in excess of those recommended may cause severe liver damage. Do not use continuously for more than ten days without consulting your doctor .Consult a doctor if no relief is obtained from the recommended dosage.    

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