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Support for sore muscles and joints!


OsteoFreeze is a cool customer. Packaged in a handy roll-on format, this very handy application has already made a lot of friends in the road running fraternity in this country. OsteoFreeze provides great support to the body to handle sore muscles and joints, sprains, strains and backache. 

With the handy roll-on format, you can reach the sore or affected areas on your back with ease.

How it works

OsteoFreeze contains Camphor, Menthol and Arnica. The Camphor serves as a mild analgesic and assists the body to curb neuralgia and chronic pain. The Menthol delivers the cool sensation that assists with the depression of the pain sensation. Arnica supports the body to relieve pain, to counter inflammation and to curb discolouration and swelling.

Arnica can be applied before an athletic event to assist the body to curb pain and stiffness that are typically experienced after an event. It can also be applied after an event to assist the body to get over these symptoms quicker.

Additional information

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