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High potency joint formula

OsteoEze Gold is a high potency joint formula that assists the body to curb cartilage degeneration.  The latter is the underlying cause of many joint problems – that could lead to sore, swollen and stiff joints.

What the actives target

If swollen and stiff joints are giving you a hard time, put high potency OsteoEze Gold to the test to set your joints free.

OsteoEze Gold 90’s contains some of the highest dosages of Glucosamine Sulphate (1500 mg per day) and Chondroitin Sulphate (801 mg per day) on the South African market. In combination these two natural occurring substances target the underlying cause of many joint problems, namely cartilage degeneration.

International research has shown that high dosages of Glucosamine assist the body to counter joint space narrowing, impaired mobility and pain. High quantities of Chondroitin help the body to curb joint damage, impaired mobility, inflammation and pain.

Although Chondroitin is up to eight times more expensive than Glucosamine, you will find that OsteoEze Gold is surprisingly affordable. Vitamin C (to aid with collagen production) and Manganese (a powerful anti-oxidant) completes this no nonsense formula.

With the OsteoEze Gold high potency joint formula people of average weight only need to take 1 capsule three times a day. Stick to the dosage, and you will be surprised with the results. If you miss out on a capsule during the day, you can drink two at night.

Do not take OsteoEze Gold if you are allergic to shellfish.

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