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Sinupret Forte 20 Tablets

Sinupret Forte gives your sinuses the all clear. Its proven 3-way action relieves the symptoms of acute and chronic sinusitis. This unique formulation has been used worldwide for over 70 years; it is one of the best studied natural medicines in the world, with over 30 years of clinical research behind it.

What Is Sinupret Forte Used For ?

Sinupret Forte is recommended for the relief of sinusitis and sinus pain and the symptomatic relief of mild upper respiratory tract infections. Symptoms can include:

– Blocked nose

– Upper respiratory tract congestion

– Sinus pain

– A feeling of pressure over the sinuses

– Frontal headaches

Clinical studies have demonstrated that Sinupret Forte:

Unblocks sinuses – improving drainage, reducing swelling and congestion

Relieves sinus pain – reducing inflammation, swelling and headaches

Clears the head – clearing congestion

Sinupret Forte assists the body’s natural defences. It can be combined with antibiotic and decongestant therapy, as it has been shown to enhance the effect of these medications.

Safety And  Efficacy:

Clinical observation and research evidence have confirmed Sinupret Forte’s effectiveness in managing symptoms of sinusitis and mild upper respiratory tract infections.

Sinupret Forte is generally very well tolerated. It is a non-drowsy formulation that has no known drug interactions.

Sinupret Forte’s  Unique Formulation :

Sinupret Forte’s formulation is unique and cannot be found in any other product. It is specifically clinically proven, which means it is the exact product used in clinical trials. This is very important for natural medicines as there can be great variance between products, even if they appear to use the same active ingredients, due to the part of the plant that is used, growing, harvesting and production conditions & methods. The outcomes of clinical studies for natural medicines can thus only apply to the exact product that has been tested.

Each Sinupret Forte tablet contains the following plant extracts:

– Yellow Dock (Rumex crispus)

– Vervain (Verbena officinalis)

– Elder flower (Sambucus nigra)

– Cowslip (Primula veris)

– Gentian (Gentiana lutea)

This blend of 5 different herbs works synergistically, meaning that the combination of ingredients, rather than individual herbs, is what produces the therapeutic effect.

Directions And Dosage :

Sinupret Forte tablets are easy to take and very well tolerated.

Therapeutic effects can be expected soon after commencing Sinupret Forte and treatment is recommended for 1-2 weeks.

Adults: 1 tablet three times daily

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