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How does Stat10Choice work?

Stat10Choice contains 150mg Co-enzyme Q10. This supplement can be used to replenish Co-enzyme Q10 in the body.

What is the role of C0-enzyme Q10 in the body?

Co-enzyme Q10 plays a pivotal role in the production of cellular energy and therefore is essential for heart and muscle contraction. A high concentration of Co-enzyme Q10 is located in the heart tissue and like all muscles, the heart relies on adequate Co-enzyme Q10 levels to function. The high strength dose as in Stat10Choice, helps improve cardiovascular health and assist normal heart function. Co-enzyme Q10 also assists in the management of cholesterol and circulatory health.

When do we need replenishment?

Co-enzyme Q10 naturally occurs in the body. Co-enzyme Q10 levels are decreased with the use of cholesterol lowering medication, ageing and chronic disease. Side effects of cholesterol lowering medications such as muscle aches and weakness may be due to lowered body levels of Co-enzyme Q10. 

In matters of circulation… 

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Blood vessels & how they work 

Blood, carrying oxygen – the most critical nutrient, flows through blood vessels. These vessels have a muscular layer and are normally quite elastic, to allow for narrowing (vasoconstriction) and expansion (vasodilation), to control circulation, blood pressure and body temperature. 

What can cause problems in the blood vessels? 

There is an important chemical made in the blood vessels called nitric oxide (NO), which causes expansion of the vessels – which helps to control circulation. Nitric oxide may be inactivated in conditions such as Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. As a result, the expansion of blood vessels cannot occur as it normally would, which means that circulation of the blood may be reduced. This may lead to circulatory problems. 

What is the role of Co-enzyme Q10 in circulatory health? 

Co-enzyme Q10 limits the inactivation of nitric oxide, which ensures that nitric oxide is available in the blood vessel to do its job of expanding the blood vessel to allow for good blood circulation. 

When do we need to supplement with Stat10Choice? 

Co-enzyme Q10 occurs naturally in the body. However, Co-enzyme Q10 levels are decreased with ageing and chronic disease. Stat10Choiceâ„¢ contains 150mg of Co-enzyme Q10, and can be used to replenish Co-enzyme Q10 in patients with circulatory concerns, to help maintain circulatory health. It is not intended as a treatment or replacement in either hypertension or diabetes, but rather as a potential add-on to therapy to assist in maintaining circulatory health. 

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