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Are you stressed out?

Stress is described as a condition that originates when you are in a difficult situation (or adverse conditions) and is usually linked to an overall feeling of anxiety. In real terms it is a particular way in which your body and mind jointly reacts to a problem that leads to a feeling of fear, dread and danger.

*Physical symptoms that are brought about by this state could include a dry mouth, breathing difficulties, palpitations, trembling, tense muscles, excessive sweating, panic attacks, nausea, diarrhoea, irritability, concentration problems and even sexual impotence.

* Consult a healthcare practitioner for a diagnosis.

TranQuin Stress Spray has specifically been designed to help your body to cope with the strain brought about by stressful situations.

Natural occurring actives include:
• Chamomile â€“ displays mild sedative properties that assist to relax muscles and to counter irritability and stomach disturbances – associated with nervousness.
• Passionflower â€“ has mild sedative properties that assist with nervous restlessness and tension.
• Valerian â€“ has calming properties that assist both the body and mind. It supports the body to restore sleeping patterns and also displays antispasmodic properties.
• Peppermint oil – this anti-stressor and anti-spasmodic provides TranQuin with a pertinent but palatable aroma and taste. As a result it also serves as a breath freshener.

The spray format and pleasant taste of TranQuin also come in handy when you need to calm down overwrought children of school-going age. In addition, spraying it into the mouth ensures excellent absorption. It can be used when required and are not habit forming.

Follow the dosage instructions.

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